About Smyrna

According to legend, in the region of İzmir there was a battle among the clans named “Elektid” and “Amazons”. After the victory of These –the Elektid King-, he got married with the leader of Amazons named Smyrna. Then he denominates the name of the city as Smyrna. After the emplacement, the princess of Amazons looks after all women and children who live in the city and she situates family concept to all population. The name of the journal is given Smyrna because of her interest about family concept.

Smyrna Med Overview


SmyrnaMed’s mission is to improve "innovation in medical publishing” that benefits healthcare professionals everywhere.


Smyrnamed’s core value is censurability. SmyrnaMed means “innovation in medical publishing” by saving time. As a team, we are committed to these core values and behaviors

Unquestionable Integrity

Our values begin with a belief that we will do the best in medical publishing. When faced with tough decisions, we show unquestionable integrity consistently making the right moral, ethical decision.

Mutual Respect

We have mutual respect for all healthcare professionals.

Broad Thinking

We value broad thinking - generating ideas for saving time with the help of innovation in medical publishing.

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