Services and Prices



Survey design

100-1000 TL (according to purpose of study)

Research design

200-5000 TL (according to content of the research)

Project design and consultancy

%20 of project cost(according to scale of project)

Thesis study proposal and consultancy

100 TL/Hour

Thesis study data entry

40 TL/Hour

Thesis study table graphic creation

50-200 TL ( per chart and table)

Thesis study composing

1-1000 TL character (including spaces)

Biostatistic analysis

200-5000 TL(varies according to analysis)

Turkish English translation

20-1000 TLcharacter  (varies according to type of text)

English Turkish translation

10-1000 TL character (varies according to type of text)

English medical text review

15-1000 TL / may vary according to English level

Turkish medical text criticism and creation

15-1000 TL / may vary according to article quality

Magazine publishing

100 TL / per magazine submission

Preparing poster for congress

100 TL / poster

Preparing oral presentation

200 TL / oral presentation


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